Why buy something new, when it already exists?

Reutilize.co.uk was started to find a solution to a problem we all face, and because it just made sense to do it. As the MD of a large fabrication company, I would see us throw away so much material that ultimately wasn’t of value to ‘us’. Although we strived to maximise efficiency via purchasing, there was always ‘waste’ material created, and it ultimately got stored, or scrapped. And this problem isn’t unique to our industry. It is often driven by producers who need to make a margin on material sales that ultimately forces the market to buy more than is needed for sellers to achieve these numbers.

As I watched this ‘stock’ build up over the years, I asked myself the question, if we don’t need it, perhaps there is someone else who does.

So we have to simply ask ourselves the question, does it already exist, and can I find what I need. It makes no sense in a world of rising costs and resource depletion to make something new, when its likely it already exists. The problem is fundamentally one of information and the solution, the mechanism that connects potential customers.

Reutilize.co.uk is that solution.

Everyone is ‘waiting’ for that job to come along to use that leftover bit, but what if that job already exists?

Think of reutilise.co.uk as a large, searchable, connected database of every registered company’s stock list, all in one place. By utilizing database technology and some scale economies, reutilise.co.uk can put your stock list in front of customers, and their stock list in front of you! Multiply that across all users in a particular industry, and you suddenly have a powerful, shared and viable source for material purchasing but with a recycling message at its heart.

We waste so much in this world, and often it is simply because the person who needs something isn’t the person who has it.

What one person sees as ‘waste’ is often another’s ‘need’, or in this case, stock. By connecting potential customers to this central stock list, reutilize.co.uk allows for that ‘treasure’ to be found.

Reduce, reuse, reutilize.

At is core, reutilize.co.uk is about identifying what’s already out there and putting it to use. It helps with reducing waste, limiting production of new material needed and recycling old material that has real value in the marketplace. This maximises the efficiency of material use in the marketplace, and helps us reduce our impact negatively on the environment around us.