The UK initiative helping companies reduce material waste, reuse existing stock and collectively recycle, achieving a positive impact for the planet. Reduce, Reuse, Reutilize.

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How does it work?

Ever had to purchase a full sheet, when half would have done?

Wished you could find a smaller piece of material for a repair, or an offcut for that extra job, but needed to buy new? This is where can help your business.

Reutilize gives companies the ability to quickly and easily search, for FREE, a huge potential database of existing and readily available material and products specific to their needs available for them to buy, immediately and easily. 

  • Search by brand, size and colour, product code, batch code, quickly and efficiently.
  • Significantly save money on production costs when purchasing existing stock in sizes suited to your project needs.
  • Reduce waste creation, and disposal costs by more efficient material usage.
  • Immediately contact the seller directly knowing it is available immediately.
  • Because stock is already available, it removes supply chain delays to customers caused by shipping uncertainty. If its on the site, its already in the UK ready for purchase.

By reducing the amount of new material we use, we reduce the amount that goes into landfill and helps your costs. By ‘reutilizing’ existing stock, we not only save money, but save the environment.

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How much offcut or redundant material have you got stored? How many of us keep it hoping that the right project comes along one day when they can be used up?

This is where can help your business.

  • Create new revenue streams by listing this valuable but ultimately redundant stock for sale to potential and focused customers.
  • Quickly and easily upload stock lists using just a mobile phone, for FREE, in minutes.
  • List stock by by brand, size, colour, product, batch code quickly and efficiently.
  • Create positive recycling stories that can help you sell your business to potential customers.

Reutilize gives companies a platform where they can list, for FREE, spare or left over inventory, reclaimed material and excess project stock. By joining our community it can help you reach other companies that may be looking for your old stock.

Reutilize gives companies the opportunity to list, for FREE, readily available material and products that others can buy, quickly and easily. 

By reducing the amount of new material we use, we reduce the
amount that goes into landfill. By ‘reutilizing’ this existing
stock, we not only save money, but have a positive impact on the environment in which we live.

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Stay updated on the environmental impact is having and how it could help your business reduce its carbon foot print.
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