RSA Student Design Awards

When the 2022 RSA Student Design Awards were looking for the annual award trophies to be made, they went back to Materialise Creative Design who they had used before to have them made. Phil Hutfield, knowing that he needed 19mm Glacier White Corian© material to make them, found 20 ‘blanks’ of 19mm offcut that had been listed on and contacted the company who had listed them who agreed a price and delivered them.

Not only was this significantly cheaper than buying the sheet new, it meant that Counter Production Ltd were able to generate some income from what was basically ‘rubbish’ (they were the hob cut out sections for a 150 flat commercial project they had just finished), and saved having to pay skip costs by throwing it away.

“Not only did it save us money, it also meant we achieved some net zero goals as a company by making the product out of post consumer recycled material”

Reduce, reuse, reutilize.