Reutilize to the rescue!

A customer called us up out of the blue as he had a Corian© worktop that had been fitted about 10 years ago and needed some alterations making. He was changing his oven from a range to a top mount hob. By searching the web, he had found a piece of the exact colour (albeit not the same batch on this one) on and asked if we still had it and if we were able to make up a piece to go in across the front of the worktop.

The piece of material was 760mm x 410mm but we were able to join this and make up the repair section for his top, quickly and cost effectively. This piece would have had no stock value in the past and put in landfill, and to achieve a result for the customer would have likely required a half sheet of NEW material to be purchased, which in turn would create another ‘offcut’.

By creating a use for this material and using the power of online searchable databases, Reutilize is able to put potential customers in front of available stock, which in turn generate business for that stock holder which is profitable and good for the environment.

We used 100% pre-consumer recycled material to achieve this job, made money and the customer was over the moon. Using ‘rubbish’ can work, if we combine it with technology to give it new value.

Reduce, reuse, reutilize.

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