Reutilize NOS sinks – What do you do when the sinks you ordered don’t turn up?

Lets talk about ‘New Old Stock’ or NOS as it is commonly called and Reutilize. Things change, tastes change, companies are always updating the stock and products they offer on the market, and this can often lead to what is perfectly good stock suddenly becoming obsolete. Designers and customers buy what is current. They need to because having all of the current colours and designs to hand is what they do, day in and day out and it means that they know what they can offer customers. However, what happens to all of the stock that yesterday was ‘current’ but today is suddenly classed as NOS? The answer is to put it in a place where people can find it, consider its use, and still incorporate it into current designs.

NOS to the rescue.

We had a customer who had a tight deadline. They had ordered two new Corian cast bowls, but these were delayed and this meant that we had to look at options to meet dates. This was where Reutilize came into play. By searching sink options by colour/size/product code, the customer was able to find two sinks that would work and still achieve the design and the difference was they were simply not ‘current’. The customer got a cheaper product by cost, but not quality and the job completed. By using this NOS, we were able to solve the problem, use up some product that would otherwise struggle to be specified and get a happy customer to boot.

Using ‘rubbish’ can work, if we combine it with technology to give it new value. See more examples here.

Reduce, reuse, reutilize.

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