Recycled Corian© sheet – The discerning customer.

Another success story where Recycled Deep Caviar Corian© sheet was used to achieve value, and a great finished product with 100% pre-consumer recycled material.

Discontinued stock is a problem we all have, but which still can have amazing value in the market place, even though the likelihood of a new customer coming along for it has gone. By giving Designers access to stock that exists via Reutilize such as this Recycled Deep Caviar Corian©, sheet and sinks, plus savvy designers equals designs that utilise recycled material, but which are also cost effective to both the studio and fabricator.

Using Reutilize, a suitable piece of Deep Caviar Corian© was sourced with enough material to produce two full worktops. These pieces would have had no stock value in the past and eventually either used for cleats or even worse, skipped.

By creating a use for this recycled solid surface and using the power of online searchable databases, Reutilize is able to put potential customers in front of available stock, which in turn generate business for that stock holder which is profitable and good for the environment.

We used 100% pre-consumer recycled material to achieve this job and technology to source it. Look at the stock availability here. Reduce, reuse, reutilize.

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