Recycled Corian© – Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Another success story where recycled Corian© was used to achieve that ‘silver lining’.

A customer had two vanity tops made a few years back, and although they still love them, they wanted to add a couple of up-stands to the back of each, to give them a new look.

Using Reutilize, we quickly identified two pieces of material that were small enough to make both, without needing to buy any new material.

These pieces would have had no stock value in the past and almost certainly put in landfill, and to achieve a result for the customer would have likely required a 1/4 sheet of NEW material to be purchased, which in turn would create another ‘offcut’ of recycled Corian©.

By creating a use for this recycled solid surface and using the power of online searchable databases, Reutilize is able to put potential customers in front of available stock, which in turn generate business for that stock holder which is profitable and good for the environment.

We used 100% pre-consumer recycled material to achieve this job, made money and the customer was over the moon. Using ‘rubbish’ can work, if we combine it with technology to give it new value. Look at the stock availability here.

Reduce, reuse, reutilize.

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