100% Pre-Consumer Recycled Corian© Samples.

100% Pre-Consumer Recycled Corian© is now being sourced using Reutilize for the production of Corian© samples that get sent out to customers by CDUK, the UK’s supplier of Corian©. This was one of the key goals when starting this initiative, and CDUK have supported this all the way. The goal will be to eventually have all customer samples made from this recycled stock rather than new sheet.

By searching Reutilize, suitable stock is sourced from fabricators and delivered to the company who make all of the samples, which in turn are produced and then sent out to customers when a sample request comes in to CDUK. Many of these pieces would have had no stock value in the past and eventually skipped and put in landfill. By CDUK using this material to produce 100% Pre-Consumer Recycled Corian© samples not only leads the way in the industry, but helps move that bit closer to a circular economy.

By creating a use for this recycled solid surface in the production of recycled Corian© samples, and using the power of online searchable databases, Reutilize is able to easily source the materials needed in the colour and sizes, and connect them to the customer. This generates business for the stock holder which is profitable, whilst being good for the environment.

Time for the other solid surface producers to follow suit and step up to the plate!

Reduce, reuse, reutilize.

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