Just the right piece needed!

A customer called and said they had to fill a hole in their utility top and could we help. We had fitted the tops a few years back and he no longer used the hob. The worktop colour was Burled Beach Corian©. The first place the team checked was Reutilize.co.uk. In seconds a piece was found, the right size needed and a quote produced for drop in cover. The customer was over the moon with the price (we could be very competitive with this left over stock) and even more delighted the job was booked in quickly.

By creating a use for this material and using the power of online searchable databases, Reutilize is able to put potential customers in front of available stock, which in turn generate business for that stock holder which is profitable and good for the environment.

We used 100% pre-consumer recycled material to achieve this job, made money and the customer was over the moon. Using ‘rubbish’ can work, if we combine it with technology to give it new value.

Reduce, reuse, reutilize.

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