Design Guild Mark Awards

Similar to the RSA student Design Awards there was an opportunity for a number of trophies to be fabricated for the 2022 Design Guild Awards. A core value of Materialise Creative Design is to stay focused on their sustainable, circular economy values and this meant their first port of call was to to see if the necessary material could be sourced on the recycled side, rather than going to a supplier for new material.

Similar to the other awards made, more 19mm Glacier White Corian© material was used, and this was successfully made from 19mm offcut that had been listed on This saved a new sheet of 19mm being sourced, and as well as saving materials that would otherwise have gone into landfill, it also meant an extra sale for ‘offcut’ material, and reduced costs on disposal. A win win situation for all involved.

“Once again using ‘Reutilize’ meant we were able to save money, reuse material that was destined for landfill and create a positive impact on the planet. Without this clever solution we would either have to spend time (we don’t have) calling round fabricators to see if they have any, and then hope they have enough to complete the job. With this service, we can quickly check the stock of all companies listing, and immediately contact them to purchase. ”

Reduce, reuse, reutilize.